- Apples being pressed in the traditional method

Using our own apples and traditional techniques we produce a strong medium dry still cider (Alc. 8% vol)

"3 drinks in 1 bottle" - the best ways to enjoy Pippins Cider: 

1. 50/50 mix with lemonade - adds fizz and makes for a refreshing longer drink

2. In a "cider punch" - add juice, lemonade, fruits, spices and even rum

3. Straight out of the bottle - a clear dry drink, excellent with spicy foods

About Pippins Cider: An enthusiastic group of local volunteers have helped to revive Pippins Cider with a relaunch of our popular cider in 2010. After pressing a blend of culinary and dessert apples on the farm in the late autumn, the juice is fermented over the winter months reaching approximately 8% alcohol volume by early spring. The new cider is then filtered and bottled as a still clear cider. Due to the popularity of last year's cider supplies have been running low, however supplies will soon be replenished with a very promising 2011 vintage.

Cider Update (06/03/10): The new cider orchard has been planted! We have planted three traditional cider varieties: Dabinett, Harry Masters Jersey, and Herefordshire Redstreak. There is one row of twenty trees for each variety. The trees will take several years to mature but we look forward to using the bittersweet apples in years to come.

Photos of the new orchard planting and the first cider fermentation: