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Modern and Commercial Apple Varieties
(see detailed descriptions below)

We have ample supplies of Cox, Egremont Russet, Gala (September / December), Cameo & Braeburn (October/December) and Bramley (August/December) from 40 acres of top quality fruit.

At the farm shop we also sell Discovery (August), Greensleeves, Katy, Worcester Pearmain & Red Windsor (August/September), Red Pippin, Jonagold, Golden Delicious, Falstaff, and Spartan, (September - December). Fuji, a sweet red apple is also now available from September through to December.

Our pick-your-own season starts in early September and ends in mid October. Boxes of apples are available from our farm shop throughout October and November.

Picking and Storage advice:

Picking: pick carefully by twisting off the tree and avoid bruising.
Containers: lay the apples in wooden or cardboard trays or boxes, keeping fruit separate if possible, particularly if storing for a long period.
Store: a cool dark place is ideal. Ensure that mice cannot reach the fruit and protect from frost. Check periodically.

Apple Descriptions (see http://www.orangepippin.com/ for more information on varieties)

Braeburn: A crisp red and green apple with good flavour which will store well. Originated from New Zealand in the 1950s and now one of the world’s most important commercial varieties. Picked in mid October.

Bramley: England’s unique cooking apple originally raised from a cottage garden in the early 19th Century. It is available from early September and in suitable conditions can store until March. The skin will gradually yellow and become waxy but to no detriment in cooking. Sliced Bramleys can also be frozen

Cameo: A new apple picked in mid to late October which can be stored right through to April-May. Crunchy texture with excellent flavour. Originated from a chance seedling in a Red Delicious orchard in Washington State.

Cox: The classic English apple with an excellent aromatic flavour and an attractive orange-red colouring. Originated in the 19th Century as a chance seedling. Available from mid September.

Discovery: The most popular early English apple variety but with a limited shelf life. Attractive bi coloured skin with red sun kissed patches. Flavour is slightly acidic with slight strawberry hint. Originated in the 1940s. Picked in mid August.

Egremont Russet: A very fine Victorian dessert apple with a distinctive aromatic nutty flavour and russet colour. It is best picked in mid September and kept a few weeks before eating. In prime condition during October and November. Very popular as an accompaniment to cheese.

Falstaff: A modern variety developed from Golden Delicious/James Grieve at East Malling in 1966. Crisp and juicy with good flavour.

Fuji: Originally from Japan but now grown widely across the globe. It is very popular with good colour, a sweet flavour, and stores well.    

Gala: Well known variety and available all of the year from either the Northern or Southern Hemisphere. Picked in late September or early October it should keep well into the New Year. Attractive red colouring, crisp and sweet flavour.

Golden/Red Delicious: Both originated in the U.S at the end of the 19th Century and were extremely popular commercial varieties. Golden Delicious is a crisp sweet apple which can be used for both dessert and cooking purposes. Red Delicious has a tall conical shape with a dark crimson colouring and a distinctive flavour.

Greensleeves: Developed in Kent (1966) from Golden Delicious/James Grieve. If picked early has a green colour with crisp slightly acidic flesh. Can mature on the tree to a yellow colour with a sweet honey flavour.

Jonagold: A large apple which can be picked in October/November and stores well. Introduced from the U.S (1968) Jonagold has a creamy white fine-textured flesh which is sweet and crisp.

Katy: Originating from Sweden (1947) as a cross between James Grieve and Worcester Pearmain. Picked in late August the apple has a red skin and is extremely juicy.

Red Pippin: A modern English variety developed from Cox in the 1970s at East Malling. A medium sized apple with red and orange flush. It retains a cox flavour but is sweeter and crisper.

Red Windsor: Another early apple variety which originated from Germany in the 1930s. Good size with a red/green skin and a juicy crisp flesh. Picked in late August/early September.

Spartan: This mainly crimson red apple originated from an early Canadian breeding programme (1920s). Picked straight from the tree it is extremely crisp. Beneath the intense crimson skin is a juicy white flesh. Picked in late September/early October it will keep well into the New Year.

Worcester Pearmain: An English variety introduced in 1874. Picked in early September it has a firm juicy flesh which is sweet with a slight strawberry flavour.