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PLUMS: Available from the farm shop and for pick your own from early August to mid September with Reeves, Victoria, and Marjorie’s Seedlings as the main three varieties. Greengages and Damsons are also available.
Reeves: (early August) – a very large round plum with yellow/pinkish skin. Sweet and juicy.
Victoria: (mid August to early September) The traditional English plum – a medium plum with a sweet pinkish flesh and yellow to rose coloured skin. Excellent for making jam.
Marjorie’s Seedlings: (September) An old English plum with dark purple skin and yellow flesh, can be used for cooking.

COBNUTS: Kentish cobnuts are a type of hazelnut and are available from September through to December. The nuts are rich in protein and vitamins. They can be eaten fresh with a little salt or can be roasted.

PEARS: We grow 4 varieties:
Williams: An early pear (late August/early September). Juicy and sweet with a creamy white flesh.
Conference: A major English pear variety, long and thin in shape with a russet skin.
Comice: A French variety with good size and superb flavour.
Beurre Hardy: A medium large light green fruit, tender and juicy with a rosewater flavour. Originated in France(1820).

QUINCES / CRABAPPLES:  Excellent flavour for preserves. Quinces available from late September

PIPPINS HONEY: We have approximately 30 hives on the farm. The delicious honey produced is also available at the Farm Shop.

CHERRIES: We grow a selection of modern cherry varieties cropping in June and July. These are sold through a variety of local outlets.